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Pioneer Tech - Solutions


PIONEER TECH SOLUTIONS was established in-2017 has a CUTTING TOOLS Solutions Provider and now it has expended to manufacture the own Brand End-Mills, Drills and Special tools for all the materials (up to 65HRC) We have manufactured the Fiber Laser Marking Machines as per customer requirement and also have a dealer ship of CNC & Manual Machines Dealer ship for Metal Cutting, Metal Removal & Metal Forming…

CUTTING TOOLS:  We have a multi brand cutting tools (Inserts for CNC Turning & Milling) dealer ship from India, Japan, Germany, Korea, Taiwan and also from China.  We can supply the cutting tools as customer required brand.  We have started Manufacturing of our OWN BRAND PTS-MR End-Mills for Aluminum, Steel, Titanium, Inconel, Die steel & Hardened Steel with our own special design to perform better. 


We have started Manufacturing of our OWN BRAND PTS-MR BT30, BT40 & BT50 Holders, Collets & Arbors with Less than 5Micron Runout, with Collet 10Micron Run out.  Hydro Grip Holders, Heat Shrink Machine & Holders from Japan.  OWN BRAND PTS-MR PCD & CBN Inserts as Standard & Special.


MACHINE SPARES:  CNC Drives for 4th & 5th Axes (Siemens, Fanuc & Mitsubishi)  TJR Rotary Tables for VMC Machines (4th & 5th Axes).  Hydraulic and Mechanical Vises for VMC Machines.  Clamping Kits & Fixtures (Hydraulic / Manual).  Hydraulic Clamping Cylinders, Work Supports for Fixtures.  Stabilizers and Online/Inline UPS.  Through Coolant blocks for Turning machines.  High Speed Hydraulic & Pneumatic Rotary Joints.  Pneumatic Control Systems for Machines & Fixtures.  Permanent Magnetic Lifters @ 100Kg to 5000Kg.

MACHINES: Laser Marking Machines – PTS-Laser – Our Own Brand. Laser Cutting Machines – Manufactured in China. CNC Sliding Head Stock Machines- PO LY GIM Machines, Taiwan.  CNC Vertical Turning Lathe – ALEX TECH, Korea. CNC Turning Machine – VMC Machine – CNC Pipe Bending Machine – Indian Made. Manual Profile Bending Machines – Indian made.

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