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Service & Repairs

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What is CNC Machine Service ?

Daily: Check the hydraulic pressure and fluids, making sure they're operating at the right levels. Check lubrication operating levels, and replenish if necessary. Make sure the cooling unit is operating correctly. Clean off the window, door, and light of the machine so you can see clearly inside.

Why Service is needed

CNC machines require adequate fluid levels, such as lube and hydraulic fluid. Working daily with your machines will give you a good baseline for how quickly the fluids need to be replenished. When machines start using fluid at a higher rate, have your machines checked. Excessive fluid use can be a sign of problems. some common CNC Machining Problems and Issues such as Clamping/ Unclamping Problem of Chucks and Fixtures, Power Supply, Automatic Tool Changer Problems, Machine Vibration/ Chatter, Overheating of Machine Tool





Services covered under AMC

We undertake AMC for all make and model CNC machines, Under AMC the below services will be done in the annual package.

  • Full Machine health check

  • Machine accuracy check 

  • All axis repeatability check 

  • Alignment check

  • Lubrication system check

  • Pneumatic valves check

  • Laser calibration if required - Extra cost

  • Ballbar testing if required - Extra cost 

  • Spares at actual cost - not included under AMC

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Services Hotline Numbers

+91-86605 20869

+91-93800 20964

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